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Short history of Witley Court

Witley Court is located in Worcestershire, England and is on the English Heritage list of historical buildings. In past it was one of the greatest houses of the Midlands, built by Thomas Foley in 1655.Today it only remains as a spectacular ruin as a result of a fire in 1937 but we still can admire beautiful restored gardens and and two fountains designed by Nesfield and partly redesigned by James and William Forsyth. The estate is one of the most beautiful visitors’ attractions in my opinion. While the main area is restored Witley Court draws attention not only older generations but also young people especially painters and photographers as the estate and its gardens are of outstanding beauty.

Client brief

One of the assignments for location project was to meet imaginary-in client needs, in this case English Heritage and to fulfil the task. The responsibility was to create a series of images that will be used to attract a certain age group, between 20-30 years old to increase their interest in Witley Court as a historical place. The client requested no copyright/trademarked logos, no text to be visible suggesting any political or religious symbols. Other requests referred to the file formats and resolutions, file names and copyright.

I think this is the first time I have fully meet the client criteria. In my previous work experience I have always had space for my ideas and proposals however this time I had to really focus on the task and make sure I can manage to take images not only of good technical ability but also interesting and adjustable for different cropping sizes.

One of my reoccurring mistakes is taking to many photographs. I am still in learning process to decrease the amount of shots. It always take a long time for me  to make a choice for final selection and I knew  in this case it have to be only 10 images.

The photographic session took place on hot sunny day around midday when most photographers wouldn’t choose it for their shoot due to high sun position in the sky which creates harsh shadows. There wasn’t one small cloud in the sky as well which made the images very plain and less interesting. Of course I could add a sky in Photoshop but this could mean more time spent on the editing process.

The keys for taking  good photographs are composition and patience. I first tried to observe the potential shot before using the rule of thirds, the other time I used the golden triangle rule which is important in composition.

In the selection process I guided myself by looking at few things: mentioned above creative composition, unique perspective, interesting object, viewing the photos in large size, proper exposure. I spent several hours editing the final images. I added clouds on almost every image which gave them a more dramatic look. I selected images of the main house, fountain, cloisters and near surrounding area with beautiful lake.

To fulfil one of the client’s requirements I gave every file name with reference number, place, subject and dimensions.


From my perspective I did everything what I could to finish this task professionally. I chose the final images carefully regarding the costumer’s requirements. The project was enjoyable and gave me a lot of satisfaction especially when I saw the finished photographs. If I could come back and do it again I would bring a few models with me, probably a family with young children to photograph them as an extra addition to the composition. It would have more of an advertising purpose; especially in the age group this project was aimed at.I would also spend more time discovering this place. But then on the other hand I have to learn to handle client’s requests and sometimes is not possible to have the whole precious day for a photography session.

Final images