Idea 2 – Time Project

The project is based on a song lyric “Time” by song writer, musician, and singer Rosie O’Sullivan. The idea is to create series of photos, which are related to the song lyrics. My suggestion is to create surrealistic images full of hidden symbols, but in the same time with dreamy and longing atmosphere to match the soft, very female singer’s personality.


Ellen McDermott

Ellen McDermott-Underneath


Ellen McDermott-Intuition


Ellen McDermott always was one of my favourite artists. Her images are inspiring for me. I like her style and how she composes the photos. There is something nostalgic and mystery in her art. Symbol of tree and water seems to appear in almost every image. Her work is very surrealistic and as she said in her interview she loves to create her personal fantasy world.

Salvador Dali

Melting Clocks by Salvador Dali


Salvador Dali needs no introduction. Who doesn’t know one of the most eccentric surrealistic artist with great talent of self-promoting himself. I like his precisely technique as he studied classic painters. He is mostly remembered for his painting of melting clocks. Selecting this artist was not accidental and I find examples of his work, especially the one with clocks  very suitable for this project.

The Persistence of Memory


Maggie Taylor


I chose Maggie Taylor mostly for her master class in advanced editing. She uses digital media and Photoshop to compose images. She takes her work viewers to another world – world of the imagination. She is the kind of artist I can related to, because her influences from paintings. “She takes old things and new things and merge them with technology” – and I like to do the same.

It is partly personal project between the singer and myself. I am currently involved in bigger project with Rosie and I am working with the artist on her new album which is going be released in October. The images are going appear on her CD cover, flyers, website, online promotions, and posters.

I could have categorised it as an advertisement and promotion. There is also another use for the context which mostly will benefit me as a photographer. This project will be uploaded on my website and social media and it can be used for exhibit design.

I am not sure yet about the outcome as I still looking for inspiration how to present this project.

Idea 3 – Still Life

This idea is in its very early stage and I have not title for the project yet. I can only say that I am going to produce still life images inspired by Polish painters. I am especially interested in work of Władysław Ślewiński.

Władysław Ślewiński, Martwa natura, 1902


To be continued…