My creative adventure with studying photography on HND almost comes to the end and it is a time for the major project. I have a head full of inspiration and so many ideas and I would like to bring them to the light. Being creative is a process, such effects take time, perseverance. Shooting is not only a time spent with the camera, but also to expand a knowledge, broadening horizons and to look for interesting solutions, experimenting.

Idea I – Holy Project

My first choice is a project called The Holy Project due to the name of the subject and is based on work of many artists and different medias to start with Renaissance paintings. The main subject is Holy Family, especially Mary- Mother of Jesus.  I am a big admire of fine art and several names of painters from past I found inspired for particle this idea. I did deep research on Agnolo Bronzino, Guido Reni, Leonardo Da Vici, Raphael, Rembrandt, and Vermeer not to mention a few big photography names like Victorian Julia Margaret Cameron and more contemporary photographer Kristyn Brown and Pierre et Gilles. I also find very useful research on few other artists like: French painter Elisabeth Sonrel, and my two very favourite painters and illustrators: Margaret Tarrant and Adolphe-William Bouguereau.

The research and the inspirations

Mary by artist Agnolo Bronzino


Madonna Orante, c.1640 by Guido Reni and Madonna by Vermeer


This Renaissance masterpiece, the Sistine Madonna was painted by Raphael in 1512.


If it comes to paintings I consider the techniques, colour pallet and lighting, trends, style, fashion etc. I want to create something reminding old master paintings like The Sistine Madonna by Raphael but also gave it fresh, a little more contemporary look.

Julia Margaret Cameron


“Considering Julia’s Roman Catholic upbringing, and Charles Hay’s Unitarian leanings, and her own experience as a mother, it is not surprising that Julia made so many references to the Madonna and Child in her work. This fairly random collection from a Google search illustrates just how this Christian mother and child iconography features in her photographs.”


Virgin of the Angels (1881). Adolphe-William Bouguereau


Lilies of the field. Margaret Tarrant.


Ecce Ancilla Domini by Elisabeth Sonrel


Why this project? The idea developed in me for last few years and the main trigger was for me to do something about when I found out that another photographer, American Kristyn Brown is developing similar idea. Her Project is called: “The Saint Project” while I gave mine a title: “Holy Project”.  Kristyn described her mission as: “The Saints Project is a photo series of Catholic saints portrayed by everyday people bringing focus to the true role models of our world. The Saints Project aims to involve the community by using “average” people in its portrayals. Unlike paintings or self-portraiture, The Saints Project calls people to stand in the shoes of a real Saint. To create unity during the creative process but also to bring us into communion with the saints of the past… The visual intent is to create images in a style we are used to seeing in today’s world. Photo manipulation is everywhere and The Saints Project is no different, using modern and relevant Photoshop techniques, the look of the project fits in with the world, but is not of the world.”


To support my project by some extra theory I also read a book by one of the biggest mystic of the catholic church Maria of Agreda and her book” The Mystical City of God: Life of the Virgin Mother of God”, which is history of the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, as revealed by Our Lady to this 17th-century Spanish nun.


If it comes to the final presentation I think about to print the project on fine art paper and frame it in old, traditional style. I consider charity shops and I am currently searching for vintage frame companies.


To be continued…