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As I mentioned before my main inspiration for the frame idea was taken from Icon Triptych. There are many shapes and sizes of icons. Some of them are only built with solid wood, and some are very rich in their embellishments. There is a special way to paint the icons, actually, the artists say to “write the icons” as it involves meditation and prayers when creating the works. The icons usually telling stories adapted from the life of the Holy Family, Bible or saints, but also it could show only the mentioned above figures.

For my project, I was looking for two different shapes: one with arches on 3 doors and one with one arch on the middle door only, and two square doors (left and right).

I prefer the second frame due to the shape but I didn’t  know if It will be possible to cut the top arch in this particular shape.


Preparation took place in the Photoshop first, then I printed the sizes and the examples and I gave all the details to a person with who I collaborated the project from the technical side and who helped me to build the frame.

My two main choices for the icon triptych.

After consultation, we both decided to go and try to build the second one. All my prints are in size A3 and because I wanted to paint in gold around the frame we decided to add an inch to each side of the door.


Progress in constructing the icon Firstly, we had

Firstly, we had to buy the pieces of wood and cut the shape.

The next step it was to go progressively finer in order to remove some of the roughness. When the wood was smoothed enough it was painted by using a special wood dye. I chose a colour, which was similar to the wooden icon I have at home and the one I saw in galleries and churches.

It was painted with a brush and let to dry.


After the painting process finished hinges we’re screwed to the wood to help swing as it opens and closes the doors and connects linked objects. Once the hinges were installed the Icon was almost ready and now is going to be painted in gold (just the edges).

Applying more coats to make the wood darker


Building little boxes for business and postcards

The idea came a little bit later but I think it was a good idea.  I was offered to create also little two boxes, which can fit my business cards and postcards or flyers. It was built in the same shape and colour as the icon.


Gold leaf painting

I managed to get a few gold leafs from my friend, which were used during some renovation process in our church. I never tried this before but it was striking me since when I watched a TV program about the old method of using gold leaf. I know in the old ages they used a garlic instead of a glue to attach them to the wood.

I found an instruction and some tips how to gild the gold leaf under the link: http://www.studioarts.co.uk/links/hintsandtips/gildinggoldleafhintsandtips.htm

After a consultation with professional gold leaf user, I decided to choose easier option and buy another product, which was recommended in the art shop. It gives the same result and it is much easier to apply.


The Icon Triptych ready for images


Hanging options  As for hanging options I research different companies and their prices. Finally, I chose Poundland set over the Wilko because of reasonable the price.

As for hanging options, I research different companies and their prices. Finally, I chose Poundland set over the Wilko because of reasonable the price.


The project wasn’t easy to make and it wouldn’t be possible without my partner help. We spent several days to create the frame. It required time patience and precision and obviously technical knowledge. Even my idea with gold leaf didn’t work I am still satisfied with the final outcome.