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Of the artists who  I have chosen as an inspiration the main role play Pierre Mignard, a French painter well known from his court portraits. The second artist is: Lukas Cranach the Elder, a German Renaissance painter and print-maker in woodcut and engraving. Finally, the last painter is also German and he was also draughtsman and antiquary. All of them cover Renaissance period (1300 – 1700) even Mignarad is more described as Baroque artist.

There are the main inspirations for the Madonna and Child idea. For The Annunciation I chose more modern painters like James C. Christensen. He was an American artist of religious and fantasy art. I also research some religious work one of Pre-Raphaelites – Dante Gabriel Rossetti and his ‘Ecce Ancilla Domini!’ (The Annunciation). Another artist is an English classicist painter Arthur Hacker.

For the last idea of Our lady of Sorrow I researched some Italian and Flemish artists. Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato, also known as Giovanni Battista Salvi, “was an Italian Baroque painter, known for his archaizing commitment to Raphael’s style”. Roger de la Pasture was an Early Netherlandish painter “whose surviving works consist mainly of religious triptychs, altarpieces and commissioned single and diptych portraits.” Wikipedia

Apart of this I present some images unknown artists. They also played important role in my project and served as inspirations.

Examples of paintings and clothes colours in historical and contemporary painting chosen for this project.

Madonna and Child — 17th century

Pierre Mignard (1612-1695) — The Virgin of the Grapes,1640-1650: The Louvre, Paris. France (699×900)


Madonna with child and grapes

‘AUSTRIA – JANUARY 01: Zwettl, Lower Austria: Cisterciane monastery. Collections. Madonna with child and grapes by Lukas Cranach the Elder. 1516. Photography by Gerhard Trumler. (Photo by Imagno/Getty Images)’


Madonna with Child and Grapes

First decade 17th,  DANIEL FRÖSCHL (1572 – 1613)


The  Annunciation
by James C. Christensen




Dante Gabriel Rossetti ‘Ecce Ancilla Domini!’ (The Annunciation) 1849-50


Arthur Hacker ‘The Annunciation’, 1892




Our Lady of Sorrows, “dedicated to Mary’s suffering and grief in union with her Son.Sassoferrato, Our Lady of Sorrows, 1685, Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence, Italy.


Rogier van der Weyden (Flemish, 1400-1464) Mater Dolorosa


Fot. Jan Uryga, artist unknown




In my research I also used the World’s Great Madonnas page/ davenation.com/madonnas

Books: Capture