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As my main idea for FMP developed further I would like to share with you the last updates. After reach research, I wasn’t sure which direction my project should go. It was about time, cost and finding suitable people for the role of Holy Family. I rethought it and I decided only to concentrate (for now) on the character of Mary and her son Jesus.

At the beginning, I wanted to show a few stages of Mary’s life, to begin with young girl images, through being a mother and end up with Mary as an old woman full of sorrow after his son death. I was thinking about a few portraits perhaps along with some biblical stories. but during the further browsing of Internet, I found interesting pictures, sometimes of unknown artists which helped me to complete my final idea for the project.

Firstly…I decided how many images I want to create eventually and how I am going to present them, so instead of 5 images I decided to create only 3 and present them as traditional Icon Triptych. I am going to shows three the most important events in the life of biblical Mary: the announcement, being a mother and her suffering after Jesus death. Mary has always been a central figure in Christianity and inspired many artists.

Secondly, I chose artists, which inspired me the most for this particular idea and which paintings I am going to partly recreate. I said partly as I wanted to put into the proposal my own concept and visions as well as keep the old and new masters’ compositions, colours palate and lighting.

Finally, I wanted to make sure it is manageable, which means that I can keep the timetable, planning schedule, organise the props list, set up maximum costs and achieve the desired result.

I start from the last position: I know I am good organised and very strict if it comes to time managing and planning, especially if I want to achieve something important. I was lucky to have a friend with suitable look for Mary character, which saved my time to look for models. Even better! My friend is the mother of 6 months old baby boy with looks of a little cherub.

After analising chosen images which I found on the Internet I had the vision in my head what kind of clothes and props I need for the photo session. As I am a big fan of antiques and vintage style items I collect them for some time now and store in my house. They always find photographic purpose as well as they serve very well as house land furniture and decorations.

There were 4 mains colours, which dominated in old religious paintings: blue, white, black and red. In a red dress, Mary was usually presented with the baby Jesus, with a blue or white shawl around her head and shoulders. Black colour often was used to portraiture Mary of sorrow. During the Annunciation, Mary usually wears a white dress. I successfully completed all the needed dresses and I found them in my own wardrobe.


I also found scarves and other useful items in my house like pots and pitcher. I only had to invest small money into fruits, bread, and fresh lilies. I created myself  the crown of thorns from a hawthorn tree, which grows in my garden and I used my window curtain as a table cloth.

I tried to manage my time and money as best as I can and I believe I did this well. Time to present some inspiring artists.