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Previous experience in preparation of space, wall, and display.

I had a chance working as a team while I exhibited my work at the end of year show for my level 3 course. We prepared everything ourselves. We have gotten only space and unprepared walls to design the layout, print our work, frame, and hang it. We also painted the walls, fix holes etc.

Before the week of preparation, I had some ideas about my final display, but at the end, it didn’t work due to cost and possibilities to find in short time suitable props. I designed in photoshop first how I see my stand on exhibition.

This is how I imagined my stand will look like.


I borrowed the image with chair and table from Internet. I can’t remember exactly where I found it but it was perfect for the result I wanted to achieve. The images are mine and they I wanted to frame them firstly with grey colours frames. But again, I had not enough time and money to look for desired items so at the end I decided to use black frames. The idea partly was taken from exhibition I saw in Paris (The Paris Photo show)


My photos after framing waiting to be transferred to the exhibition building (2013)


The opening evening and private view (2013)

The exhibition was successful and very well received as by public as by professional viewer. The level of the work was described as an academic. The place transformed in few days so much and we put a lot of hard work in it. I only wish that I could complete my idea about the display but hopefully, I will be able to do for my upcoming exhibition in next week at the of my HND course.

Recent project and exhibition

What I plan for my recent project is more recognisable as a sacral art. With help of my partner, we built a Triptych Icon, where I am going to attach 3 images with stories from the life of Biblical Mary.

design for the exhibition 2.jpg

The image of the wall and floor I found online and the table example as well. I do not have that tall table but I bought nice small one from a charity shop. I think about two different candle holders and to change the red candle for white.

I also bought visitors book.


I have two handmade holders matching the icon: one for business cards and one for postcards, flyers.


To be continued…